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Biz@Net is the business networking group of Northern New Jersey business leaders.

About Us
Our group includes Northern New Jersey business professionals from many fields of endeavor, from accountants to bankers to lawyers to wholesale distributors. Some have their own businesses, others are managers, corporate officers, or government officials.

Our Purpose
Biz@Net promotes the business and personal development of its members through business networking — the sharing of referrals, contacts, leads and opportunities, ideas and information. Our members are pledged to the highest standards of ethical conduct. (More about us.)

What We Do
Our organization is a network or clearinghouse for information. Our members meet regularly to share ideas and contacts through business networking, and to enjoy each other’s company. Our meetings deal with technology, economic conditions, personnel, regulatory issues, marketing and promotion. We are always interested in new approaches and fresh information.

If that sounds like you, consider joining us! Our membership application takes only a few minutes.

Members Directory
Biz@Net members represent companies like the International Appraisal Company, and Valley National Bank whose names you know and whose reputations you trust. They serve the New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania greater metropolitan area — and beyond! Our members promise prompt, professional service and reliable products. We invite you to browse our members directory to find the products and services you need.

Contact Us
To learn more about membership, employment, or business opportunities, email our President, Paul Roberts, or call him during business hours at 201-934-4573. Your inquiry is welcome!

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